Ldr 531 Week 5

Topics: Initial public offering, Venture capital, Board of directors Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Leadership Change
Biotech industry created by the late Don Ruiz. Don was looking to expand Gene One by transforming it to the public sector and therefore creating new jobs, new ground breaking products, and growing his business. Gene One was Don’s brainchild and continues to make staggering profits, and is one of the greatest up and coming businesses of all time. At the time of Don’s death his senior leadership team has different opinions about taking Gene One public. As one of Don’s siblings it is necessary to continue the growth of Gene One and to have a successful initial public offering (IPO). However, there is a missing piece of the puzzle that will ensure higher successes. For Gene One that missing piece is strong leadership. Gene One’s goal is, “Working toward a 36-month maximum deadline, the CEO and the Board have devised a clear strategy with the help of key members in the investment community” (Gene One Scenario, 2010). As a group, Team A is going to discuss the different options available for implementing a leadership change and a smooth IPO transition. Evaluation of the different leadership styles and their structures, an analysis of Susan Wells an executive board member and how she fits into the board’s plan, Gene One’s end vision, and how Gene One can overcome their obstacles to take their business to Wall Street.

Leadership Structure and Style
Although Gene One has experienced some success in their industry, the transition from the private sector to a publicly traded entity will require some leadership changes. In addition, the process of becoming compliant with the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) will require leadership attention. Some of the leaders are personally invested in Gene One which should have in turn provided privilege of being a part of the decision process as the company grew. Not only did this not take place, Don took an autocratic perspective with the decision to go public and just announced to everyone that Gene One is going...
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