LDR 531 Exam

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LDR/531 Exam

Which of the following is a desirable strategy for managers aiming to reduce the negative consequences of rumors? 

Encouraging employees to communicate their concerns and suggestions

Initiating disciplinary action against the employee who started the rumor

Refusing to comment on issues that appear to be controversial and unfair

Creating a more informal communication environment at the workplace

2. Adoration of a charismatic leader by followers can lead to  

difficulty in developing a successor.

limiting suggestions of fixes and improvements.

greater understanding of the company mission.

a competitive work environment.

A leadership theory that describes leadership functions applicable to some situations but not others is called 





The concept that some leadership attributes will work in some situations but not in others can be described by the 

behavioral theory.

tactical theory.

contingency theory.

leadership effectiveness theory.

In order to make their firm a learning organization, managers should 

reinforce interdependence and reduce boundaries.

increase the degree of departmentalization.

penalize mistakes.

avoid the use of cross-functional teams.

According to the job characteristics model, autonomy is defined as the degree to which  

a job generates direct and clear information about performance.

a job has an impact on the lives or work of other people.

a job provides the worker freedom, independence, and discretion.

a job requires completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work.

Dortix is a manufacturing company. At the end of every quarter, the total production of each department is calculated, compared with the predetermined targets, and the rewards for each set of divisional employees is determined this way. Dortix uses a ________ plan to incentivize its employees. 





________ occurs when people within organizations use whatever influence they can to taint the facts to support their goals and interests. 

Legitimate political behavior

Illegitimate political behavior



Job dissatisfaction and antagonistic relationships with coworkers predict a variety of behaviors organizations find undesirable, including unionization attempts, substance abuse, undue socializing, and tardiness. These behaviors are indicators of a broader syndrome called  

cognitive dissonance.

rotten apple syndrome.

positivity offset.

employee withdrawal.

Organizational momentum ________________.

is always an advantage in seeking organizational change

is not promoted by stability within the organization

increases with the implementation of new programs

can benefit or inhibit an organization

Which of the following is true of the baby boomer generation? 

They give the highest importance to flexibility and life options.

They lead lives shaped mainly by globalization.

They are more questioning and entrepreneurial than the other generations.

They give high importance to achievement and material success.

Which of the following is the first step in the negotiation process? 

Bargaining and problem solving

Clarification and justification

Preparation and planning

Definition of ground rules

Which of the following represents the acceptable standards of behavior within a group that are shared by the group’s members? 





Which of the following statements is most likely to be true about differences between men and women in relation to emotional reactions? 

Men display positive emotions more frequently than women.

Women express anger more frequently than men.

Women tend to hold onto emotions longer than men.

Men experience emotions more...
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