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Mr. white comes again
It is Saturday afternoon. Doctor Sandford is in his study. Betty knocks. "Come in, please. What is it, Betty?"
"Mr. White wants to see you, Henry."
"Well, yes. Show him in please." (Mr. White enters.)
"Good afternoon, doctor."
"Good afternoon, Mr. White."
"I'm terribly sorry to trouble you."
"That's all right. Glad to see you. Sit down, please. What can I do for you?" "Do you receive the Times'?"
"Would you like to have it for the next year?"
"Oh, I forget. We never remember such things in time. Must I pay anything right now?" "No you needn't. For the present, you can sign this paper. Here you are." "Where do I sign?"
"Here, please. Thank you, doctor."
"Well, Mr. White. It's five o'clock. You'll have some tea with us, won't you?" "Thank you. I'd be glad to."
"Let's go to the dining-room. This way, please."
Doctor sandford's house
Doctor Sandford's house is not large, but it is comfortable and well-planned. It is a small two-storeyed cottage.
In front of the house there is a green lawn and a lot of flowers. Behind it there is a little orchard with a few fruit trees in it. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a pantry, a dining-room, a cosy sitting-room and Dr. Sandford's study. There are also several rooms upstairs on the first floor: the Sand-fords' bedrooms, Grandmother's room, which is also Benny's nursery, Betty's room and the bathroom.

The furniture is modern and quite new. But Doctor Sandford says he must pay a lot of money for the house and the furniture. He must pay the money for many years before he can call the house his own. TEXT

Our english lesson
T e a c h e r : Good morning, all! Sit down, please! I expect no one is away? M o n i t o r : Nobody is. All are present. Oh, sorry, Ann is not here. T e a c h e r : What's up? Is she ill?
M o n i t o r : It's flu with a high temperature.
T e a c h e r : That's too bad. Well now. Let's begin. We'll check our homework. Mike, will you take your...
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