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The working field I want to link my future with is becoming a lawyer. Lawyer is a complicated profession that has a lot of responsibilities- to find evidence, to defend a person using them, to argue someones rights, to give advices on the right ruling of the company. Even though lawyer is one of the hardest and most risky professions, many people choose it as their future career because of its prestige in the society and the amount of money it gives them. A lawyer is needed not only in court, he is also needed in the personnel of the company, so he would tell the owner if there is something they are doing or will do that is not aloud under the constitution of the country; another you can just call a lawyer for some legal advice, or any questions that include the law. As I said above there are two kinds of a lawyer- advocate and just an advisor. These two parts of the profession are a lot different but probably the only thing that they have in common is that they both have something to do with law. Advocates help people in the court so they want go to jail, or so they won’t pay the money to the other person, who is against them. Most of the time advocates get a lot higher salary then advisors, but it is only if they are good, and if they won many times in the court, so they have a reputation. Though the salary of the advocate might be bigger then the advisors is, the advocate only gets money when he gets a client to defend in the court, and after all the process finishes, which might even take as long as years, if it is hard.

Advisors work on the companies or just have their own agency in which every person can come and get an advice about something concerning a moment of their life with law. These people give advices on how should you do everything not overcoming the constitution laws, but they only give advices, they don’t defend people in the court like advocates do. For the most of the time, lawyer basically has three work places: courtrooms,...
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