Lawson Context Sheet

Topics: Australia, Indigenous Australians, White Australia policy Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Henry Lawson Context Sheet – Lawson’s world
1.When and where was Henry Lawson born?
Henry Lawson was born on the goldfields in Grenfell on June the 17th 1867. 2.When and where did Henry Lawson die?
Henry Lawson died on September the 2nd, 1922 in Abbotsford home, Sydney. 3.In what years did Henry Lawson write?
The Drover’s Wife? - 1892
The Loaded Dog? - 1901
Joe Wilson’s Courtship? - 1901
In a Dry Season? - 1892

4.For what publication did Henry Lawson write for?
The bulletin
5. Find some information about this publication e.g. Who was the main audience? What was the purpose of the publication? What was the motto of the publication while Lawson was writing for it? Australian magazine written between 1880-2008. Political and business journal, with some literary context. In the early years, it was known as the bushman bible. The slogan was ‘Australia for the white man’. It was a right wing publication. It was a nationalist – love your nation. Anti imperialistic. Wanted Australians to be called Australian. Very racist. Read by men in the rural districts. 6. At the time Lawson was writing what was happening in Australia politically? Consider important political movements, changes in government structure and government policy. The Six states were just being verged to form the one country with one government. White Australia policy. Feminism started to come in. Federation movement – Australia becoming a nation. Bush people created their own nation to be divided away from Australia. Protectionist era of Indigenous Australia. The government were able to dictate what the Aboriginals did. Protection boards in every states and a governor for the ‘species’ in every state. Indigenous people had no rights. Government had a sponsored national work force. If you didn’t have work you would be sent somewhere to work. Like working for the doll. 7. At the time Lawson was writing what was the heritage of most Australians and where did most Australians live? Australia was...
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