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Laws of Life

By ashiep00o Dec 02, 2013 579 Words
Our character is defined by what we do, not what we believe or say and how we determine character is by assessing our individual value and moral systems with the laws of life. Now these laws of life are just simply principles we live by including respect, honor, honesty, fairness, etc. and whichever we choose to value more determines the extent of our character. I believe that cooperation is one of the more important values because it involves working in unison for a common goal or purpose to achieve more together than alone. It's successful because it takes individual differences and morphs them into something more creative. It's essential in everyday life, ecosystems, and getting further in life to achieve higher success.

Nothing can be done single handedly. When we do simple tasks our feet and hands are working in unison to perform these tasks. All of our organs co-operate with each other so that we can do activities like talk, eat, sleep, and exercise. Our eyes see the delicious greasy cheesy pizza in front of us, our mouth works in unison starting to water while our hands rise to the occasion picking the piece up and folding it so it's compact enough to fit into our mouth. It's thrusted into the mouth where it begins its journey into a tremendous system of cooperating organs. We use cooperation literally every day. We make friends through cooperation, digest things using cooperation, and get things done with cooperation. When things are done in unison they are performed more elaborately and precisely.

Think of small little organisms like ants. They work collaboratively to carry food ten times heavier than they are so that their minuscule colony will have enough food for all the little working ants and the queen. Tiny creatures like ants, bees, and wasps teach us the complexity of cooperation. They build hives and ant hills and nests in such a short time span by working in unison. Team work is the monopoly of animal world and it shows us that is if humans didn't take such selfish actions we'd be as successful as the animal world. Ecosystems wouldn't function without the working together to balance the populations within that ecosystem and eventually would cease to exist.

To achieve higher success and develop in life it's essential that we know how to cooperate. Throughout primary and secondary schooling we have to cooperate to share our supplies, finish projects, and form good study habits to succeed. In adulthood we need to have strong cooperation techniques so we can build on our success and show how dedicated we are to what were working towards. For example Barack Obama had to collaborate with a variety of different people to get to where he is right now. Even now he still has to collaborate with other countries, congress members, and other political people to solve small scale and large scale issues.

From small organisms into the animal world to political people like Barack Obama, we all use cooperation and collaboration to achieve goals and accomplish things that are too complex for one person. Our body collaborates to help us do simple tasks like digest food while our hands and feet work in unison to perform other simple tasks. Cooperation is essential for living for many basic living organisms and acts as a foundation for other values that define our character. That's why I believe cooperation is more significant than the other laws of life.

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