Lawrence of Arabia

Topics: Iraq, Lawrence of Arabia, Faisal I of Iraq Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Lawrence is the main protagonist in the movie "Lawrence Of Arabia" and the movie simply follows his conquests of Arabia from the Turkish though out his life. Lawrence was a Lieutenant station in Cairo, who with his extensive knowledge and schooling of the Arabian Culture and lack of anyone else he was sent to Arabia to become the Ambassador to the leader of a power tribe Ruled by Prince Faisal. While there we see the Lawrence of Arabia is an exceptional leader who leads the Arabian people to independence from the Turkish empire with the use of transformational, reward and task oriented leadership.

Lawrence began his quest to free Arabia when he was assigned ambassador to Prince Faisal. At this point in the movie he was using transformational leader to encourage prince Faisal to not work under the British to take back Arabia but work alongside them. Lawrence said "You were once great, time to be great again" and that simply saying is its time to take charge of your country again. Lawrence played to the likes and wants of Prince Faisal and his tribe to motivate them to work with him and help him take back Arabia. He even lead them by holding himself to a high standard adopting their way of life and cultural wear. He was becoming the role model that all of Prince Faisal's men were supposed to look up too. He was very resilient to the desert for someone that wasn't born into the lifestyle of the desert. He further inspired and lead them by example when he set out to cross the impassible Nefud Desert. Even further proving his worth, when a tribe member fell off his horse Lawrence turned around to save him even though he was told him or the person that fell will not survive if he turns around now but he did it anyway and came back with the tribe member alive. Once he got back he made a note to basically say we create our own destiny and that "Nothing is written". After this he solidified his reputation with the tribe and they followed him like he was the leader...
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