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Running Head: Riordan Corporate Compliance

Business Scenarios
Porshau Alexander
February 4, 2013
Mr. Cory D. Childs, JD

Riordan functions a manufacturing company of international plastics created and specialized for the automotive, manufacturing, and fan manufacturing production. Riordan Manufacturing is the employer of five hundred and fifty employees employed throughout China and the United States. Riordan’s organization reports an annual income of $46 million dollars, and devotes much of its business practices to sound compliance regime falling in co-ordinance with Federal, State, and International ordinance and regulatory decree in all constituencies where Riordan business and commerce transactions take place. The following report will contain a developed compliance plan created to govern the liability of Riordan’s managing officers and directors. Rights of Employment

Riordan is committed to the sustenance of all labor laws as are provisioned locally and internationally within the boundaries of its manufactory territory. This commitment maintains the upholding and complying of laws and statues regarding its employees within Riordan workplace. The company supports an informed, resourceful and an appropriately maintained work environment for all employees to support the vitality of the company. The company will offer and maintain employment to legal citizens the United States pending proof of legal citizenship, an official worker’s permit, or green card. Riordan will maintain compliance with a diversified work environment prohibiting acts of discrimination against protected classes identified in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Niedrich (2011) states that, “Title VII seeks to achieve its noble goals by utilizing a categorical framework to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of membership in certain class categories: race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.” Riordan will also honor sexual orientation as a protected class in regions where State law attributes this group as a protected class. Officers and directors of Riordan should hire employees per qualifications, and eligibility to avoid unlawful risks and the liable acts of discrimination. Officers and directors shall be informed and held accountable of such legal requirements and required to uphold equality within the workforce. Officers and directors should also be properly taught and skilled to maintain compliance with regulatory laws of sexual harassment. Any individual found in violation of the above mentioned guidelines will ensue liability upon the company. Upon thorough investigation, such acts will result in immediate termination. Riordan also maintains obligation to provide safe work conditions in accordance to the guiding principles of OSHA procedures. Conflict and Proper Resolution

According to Cheeseman (2010), “Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is defined as methods of solving disputes other than litigation. The most common form of ADR is arbitration. Other forms of ADR are negotiation, mediation, conciliation, mini-trial, fact-finding, and using a judicial referee.” Riordan will adhere to the procedures of ADR when addressing disorder, disputes, conflicts, and confrontation. All employees should be trained to deter from illegal activity and unethical behavior as it complies to company policy and regional regulatory mandates. Employees found in direct violation will be subject to litigation or abrupt termination. Each employee maintains the right to seek legal counsel upon the employee’s founded decision to acquire such services at their own expense. Alternative dispute resolution shall be utilized to minimize the risk of unnecessary litigation and company liability. Employees shall also hold the right to address the immediate supervisor of complaints. If an employee’s issue or complaint has not been addressed, the employee holds right to voice their complaint to higher...
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