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Topics: United States Constitution, Law, Separation of powers Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Respond to the following prompts in complete sentences.
1. What role did Enlightenment ideas play in the development of the United States? Give at least two examples to support your answer. The constitution uses philosophers ideas during the Enlightenment era. Jefferson shaped the country by solidifying the ideas of natural rights in term of government and religion. Locke was asserting that government had to be fair and equitable in order to be sustainable. 2. How are the ideas of the Magna Carta evident in the founding documents of the US?

The Magna Carta set a precedent for the idea of a limited central governing body. It said that the king doesn’t have unlimited power and he needed the approval of those he govern. 3. Briefly explain the roles of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches and how the power of the government is separated among them. Legislative make laws Executive enforces the law and judicial interpret the law . 4. In your opinion, does the government work the way it should? Is power shared equally or does one branch control more than its share? Be sure to support your answers with details and examples. The original intend to having three branches is to be able balance them out but I think that the judicial branch has been claiming more power.  Courts making decisions that overturn laws that have been signed into law even when there is no Constitutional basis for such an action.

5. Give one example of how you are affected on a daily basis by each of the following: your city/county government, your state government, the federal government. Each day I live I have to follow the law. So it affects me everyday even for little things like following the speed limit and to not littering. Even though we have law people are always breaking them but the law always wins and the get their consequences.
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