Law on Obligation and Contracts

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Law on Obligations & Contracts

A body of rules recognized by a particular country or community as the regulating actions of its members enforced by a sovereign political authority which it may be enforce by the imposition of penalties.

law is the set of rules that guides our conduct in the society and is enforceable through public agencies. we obey these rules because we believe that this is right or simply because we desire the approval of others.

The philippine law is divided into three:
the civil law, the criminal law, and the

The concept of law is among the first to have occupied legal theory and one that at some stage most legal scholars are bound to face in some form. further, in the view of several influent legal theorists the problem of the concept of law is a question that ideally precedes all other questions of law because many legal problems have their root precisely in the nature of law.Once we determine the nature of the legal phenomenon we can have an adequate approach to the question of what is law and what not law is.

These are the following characteristics the law will present: It Is A Set Of Rules
It Regulates The Human Conduct
It Is Created And Maintained By The State
It Has A Certain Amount Of Stability, Fixity, And Uniformity It Is Backed By Coercive Authority
Its Violation Leads To Punishment
It Is The Expression Of The Will Of The People And Is Generally Written Down To Give Its Definiteness It Is Related To The Concept Of ‘Sovereignty’ Which Is The Most Important Element Of The State

The law is the body of rules and its function is to guide the people through the rules or guidelined imposed by the state or the authorities upon its members which is designed to regulate human conduct wthin the community or society. The law shall outlines what people can and cannot do, protects public order in...
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