Law in Business and Society

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Law in Business and Society

January 28th, 2013
C.J. Hughes

The role of law in business and society plays a critical role and has both moral and ethical implications. Businesses laws help regulate business and social behavior in the marketplace and provide an ethical compass for businesses and consumer to follow. This is accomplished by providing the laws on a federal and state level to govern our actions and provide guidelines for conflict resolution. There are federal laws, state laws, international commerce laws, interstate commerce laws and intrastate commerce laws along with host of statutes and ordinances. They are all designed to govern the actions of business at provide a level playing field. These laws also provide the consumer with recourse against businesses for violations of these laws through use of the courts, mediation and alternative dispute resolutions.

Our Constitution was written so it provides the laws of the land are supreme and in most cases when federal and state law collides, federal law carries the day. This was evident in the case study of Cipollone vs. Liggett Group, Inc, et el., where the Supreme Court ruled against the plaintiff “holding that claims relying on state law were preempted by federal law.” Another instance of federal law overruling state law can be found in enforcing the Whistleblower Act. If a company were to fire employees for reporting safety violations or Securities and Exchange violations unless their operation were wholly intrastate and had zero impact on interstate commerce they would likely be bound by federal law. In discussing the function and roles of laws in my present job, there are two different businesses that come into play. I am a district sales manager for a very large international entity by the name of Saint Gobain and the owner of a small restaurant business in Green Valley, Arizona. Each function brings different laws into play. As a small business owner the business is...

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