Law Enforcement Technology Essay

Pages: 3 (532 words) Published: February 16, 2016

Currently the Law Enforcement is up to date with the latest technology. This has advanced police officers to the next level in providing them with useful tools. Being up to date allows the police officers perform a lot of actions more proficiently. The latest technology used by law enforcement has created a change in the way they do business. The latest technology being used is detection and surveillance technologies, body worn cameras, and less-lethal technologies.
Detection and surveillance technologies are very important asset provided for law enforcement. Any tool that is able to provide "look out", footage, sound etc. is beneficial to law enforcement. This technology goes beyond what law enforcement can do physically but from a technical aspect things that would be hard to track, keep...

This technology being introduced and utilized in my opinion is worth every penny invested. So many police respond the wrong way when called to a scene. These cameras allow footage to be shown so citizens can see the evidence or have evidence in court if foul play from police did occur. It makes the officials that are in law enforcement be on his or her guard because everything is being recorded and evidence does not lie. Also for our honest innocent law enforcement agencies that get accused for using to much force or police brutality can have solid proof that he or she did not.
Lastly, less-lethal technologies are also being used in law enforcement. The amount of force that police use should be measure adequately and a safe standard in certain cases. There is no reason for harsh force to be use that could possibly damage a person physically when other technology can be use to restrain or get someone down. So the amount of force is always critically being analyzed and measured before law enforcement follow these techniques. As always safety precautions are taken serioulsy into consideration first and then...
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