Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Constable, Detective Pages: 3 (1185 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Claudia Peralta
English 101
July 21, 2011

Law Enforcement Duty Isn’t Alone
Learning about the different law enforcements out in the world is accessible to find but trying to read articles found in the internet or the library about the law can be troublesome. Because you can never really find one that actually satisfies what people are interested in. Going to libraries to find out about police work and articles can also be hard because they don’t usually carry articles today, they would just tell you to use the web. Searching for articles on the web is tricky now a days because if you type law enforcement on the web it can lead to the laws on the street or how to enforce so it can be disappointing. When I searched I was pleased with what I found about because the articles talked about the different tactics, vivid details, and the text was understandable for anyone to learn or just read something about law enforcement.

On some of the academic articles I found I was most interested in one that was made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and published by the U.S Department of Labor. Keeping in mind if the article would be hard to read but it actually stands at the point where it flows with that stopping you in the middle of reading. It gave an outlook of points that can help the person pick which information they would like to read about like, the nature of work, training, employment, earnings, and related occupations if you didn’t like the one you picked out. Once the article begins they say,” Police Officers and Detectives protect lives and property” that first line will catch eyes if anyone is interested on becoming involved with the police or detective. Reading forward on the article they describe you the different types of law enforcements and their descriptions for example the deputy sheriffs enforce the law on the county level and are much smaller than the police department and carry about 50 officers in each department. The next thing...

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