Law and Social Order

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Child pornography Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: July 2, 2007
In order to keep society in order, there must be written laws, and further more, there must be individuals and groups to enforce these laws. Some of todays laws are from the begining of the US civilization, and some are from recent years, but there is always room for improvement. Thus is why I have compiled 3 new laws made by myself that would help modern days society.

My first law would enforce immigrants to serve 2-5 years in our military. The amount of immigrants, illegal and and legal is growing. This growth has brought new problems to our society such as healthcare coverage, languge differences and overcrowding in lower income areas. If a undocumented illgeal immigrant is found, I think they should have a choice to be deprted or join the military.

My 2nd law would enforce cell phone ettique. In today's world cell phones are a part of our everyday lives. Some can't do without them for even a minute. Thus there needs to be some laws that can be enforced reguarding cell phone usage. First off, the cell phone companys need to disable the ability to costumize ringers due to the fact of ringtones that institute cus words. This is inappropriate and it proves no help to society. Cell phone usage should be banned in movie theathers, classes, and simular meetings. A corporation or group should be allowed the right to remove that individual from the premises if such behavior happens. This scare would help peoples awareness due to the increased threat. Lastly, cellphone usage should be banned when driving. They only cause roadrage, accidents and studid mistakes by the drivers.

My 3rd law would be to have stricter laws for child predetors and child molesters and those who contribute to child pornography. Crimes of a sexual nature against children should be made Federal Offenses, thus enabling the courts to hand down harsher sentences and avoid early releases. With the growing age of technology, sexual predetor and molesters have become very brave due to the...
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