Law and Order Essay

Topics: Spirituality, English-language films, Medicine Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Alex Dang
Mission and Church
125-13 Period 1
August 23, 2014
Law and Order Essay
In class, we watched the first twenty minutes of Law and Order episode “God Bless the Child”. The Episode starts with the parents of a young girl, that is deathly ill and in dire of medical assistance, and the parents won’t use modern medicine because it is against their religion. Neglecting help of modern medicine, the child eventually dies. I believe that it is ridiculous that a parent will not help their own child and let them die when help is all around. I think prayer does not relinquish us from an obligation to act, so on these terms I do think these parents should be trialed for the death of their child.

I see prayer to be similar to hope, guidance and communication with God rather than an act. Believing that everything can be solved with prayer is ridiculous, it is like if someone wanted to end world hunger and didn’t donate but only prayed. I think prayer and acting should go hand in hand because God is not just going to give you what you ask for, rather he will give you opportunities. Similar to the joke about the lady in the flood that Ms. Ellsworth said in class, God sent a boat and a helicopter to rescue the lady but she refused. She would later die, and in Heaven, she asked God why didn’t you save me, and God replied “I did, I send you a boat and a helicopter what else can I do!” I think this joke as the same situation as the parents in Law and Order.

I strongly believe that the parents should go to trial for the death of the daughter because with all the opportunities God sent them, they avoided all of them. By neglecting all of these opportunities to rescue their child, the child suffered and soon after died. It is ridiculous that she would not simply let her daughter drink some medicine for her to get better. If she was to go and drink alcohol, then why not let her daughter get treated. It is most disturbing when the daughter was getting worse, but the...
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