Law and Divisive Factor Concept

Topics: Law / Pages: 2 (356 words) / Published: May 17th, 2011
1. Law and social change
Law as an instrument of social change.
Law as the product of traditions and culture. Criticism and evaluation in the light of colonization and the introduction of common law system and institution in India and its impact on further development of law and legal institution in India. 2. Religion and the law
Religion as a divisive factor.
Secularism as a solution to the problem
Reform of the law on secular lines: Problems.
Freedom of religion and non-discrimination on the basis of religion.
Religious minorities and the law

3. Language and the Law
Language as a divisive factor: Formation of linguistic states.
Constitutional guarantees to linguistic minorities.
Language policy and the constitution: Official language, multi-language system.
Non-Discrimination on the ground of language 4. Community and the law
Caste as a divisive factor
Non-discrimination on the ground of caste
Protective discrimination: Scheduled castes, tribes and backward classes.
Reservation: Statutory commissions, Statutory Provisions.

5. Regionalism and the law
Regionalism as a divisive factor
Concept of India as one unit
Right of movement, residence and business; impermissibility of state or regional barriers.
Admission to educational institutions: Preference to residents of a state 6. Women and the law
Crimes against women
Gender injustice and its various forms
Women’s Commission
Empowerment of women: Constitutional and other legal provisions

7. Children and the law
Child labour
Sexual exploitation
Adoption and related problems
Children and education

8. Modernization and the law
Modernization as a value: Constitutional
Modernization of social institutions through law
Reform of family law
Agrarian reform – Industrialization of agriculture
Industrial reform: Free enterprise v. State regulation – Industrialization v. environmental protection.
Reform of court process
Criminal law:

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