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Law 531 Week 1

By xdanny1027 Apr 15, 2011 319 Words
Daniel J. Navatta
January 17, 2011
Michael Kelley

While working as a team it is important that all members set goals and agree to work together. In order to come to a common goal each member must set guidelines and follow them, in order to achieve success. In an instance where team members can’t agree on a certain aspect of their project, an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will be put in place to ensure completion of the task. The use of an ADR will help the team come to a solution and reduce the risk of failure. A case where two team members can’t come to a resolution within the period of 24 hours will enable (ADR) to take place. The dispute must be in direct relation to the rules defined on the learning team charter. Members’ personal conflicts which cause dispute within the learning team disabling productivity and efficiency will facilitate the ADR process.   In the event a dispute shall arise between members of a learning team, a neutral third party will assist to ensure resolution. The Mediator must be an expert and have firm grasp on the dispute. The mediation will involve each side of the dispute with an impartial person to meet an agreement. After all the facts have been displayed, the mediator will provide each side with settlement offers. If an agreement is agreed upon a settlement document will be provided to the group and must be abided by. If a member of the team does not follow this document it will result in them forfeiting their right as a member. This ADR system will be set and after it takes it course, if a group member does not follow, they will be dismissed from the team.


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w 531 week1

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