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Week 3 - Learning Team Reflection

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Team B - Week 3 - Learning Team Reflection
Obtaining legal counsel was this week's reflection topic. Team B in this outline will include and answer two questions: What benefits would counsel provide in helping a victim to decide whether to take a settlement offer or pursue litigation, and at what point should counsel be available. Team B have collaborated each members responses, and formatted them below.    I. What benefits would counsel provide in helping a victim to decide whether to take a settlement offer or pursue litigation? a. Depends on the type of case and settlement amount. b. If the settlement amount is close to the amount of the plaintiff’s total cost or damages then the settlement would be a good option. c. Legal counsel will be unnecessary because any extra amount would likely cover costs of hiring the counsel. d. Lawyers understand the law better and know how the judicial system works. They can use their expertise to help someone decide whether or not to take a settlement or purse litigation. e. Lawyers have prior experience and can offer advice based on similar cases. f. Lawyers know the process that the victim and the lawyers will have to undertake.  g. Counsel can answer questions concerning the facts in the case and the litigation issue to be covered. h. Counsel is aware of documentation, filing procedures, and statutes of limitation. i. Having someone familiar with the laws and legal process can be beneficial for someone who may have never had to deal with legal issues. j. Legal counsel is on the “side” of those he or she represents and can offer insight that will keep their client from making a bad decision because of misunderstanding k. Counsel can be the go-between for inquiries advise parties of their rights. l. Counsel would provide help to the victim to decide the viability of...

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