LAW 421 Week 3 Article Review

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RE: Patents in E-Business; Mello, D.


In your own words, summarize the article.

This article that I read over a few times focuses in on the what patents are and more specifically how they impact e-business as well as intellectual property. Understanding the concept of patents before deciding to open a business for example, is essential if you want to succeed. Patents unfortunately are only going to protect your business in the country in which you are located. Although if you have a business spread over multiple countries, you are giving yourself a larger scale of protection to your intellectual property. Therefore, e-business owners and corporate business workers have to decide where they would like to conduct business.

E-businesses are still fairly new and many laws still need to be updated to protect these types of businesses. E-businesses owners have to be more careful than traditional business owners as they are more prone to fraud and copyright infringement.

In order to have a clear chain of title for intellectual property e-business owners should have employment contracts. Having employment contract that include clauses that protect the company’s information is very important in running an e-business. These clause need to clearly state that the employer is entitled to all intellectual property developed by employee during the course of their employment (Mello, 2002). Once patents are obtained, they can be used to keep outsiders out of the e-business space, to bargain, to produce revenue through licensing, and as collateral for potential investors. Potential investors or partner will have more confidence going into an e-business contract if there are patents in place (Mello, 2002).


In 1 to 3 sentences, identify the legal business issues raised in the...

References: Mello, D. (2002). Patents in E-Business. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix Library
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