Law 421 Week 1 Dq1

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Discussion Questions One

LaShanda Prejean

LAW 421

Peter Derouen

March 5, 2013

Discussion Questions One

1. To what extent does succession planning—such as for wills, estates, and trusts—affect business? How might these legal topics interact with your current or past job or industry?

Every company succession plan carries the three bases that are will, trust and estate. The will, trust and estate provided a financial security and help plan the future. The purpose of the succession planning is it helps in organizing wealth that is transferred from one generation to the other. With assist from experts regarding disputes of lands that is in wills and estates helps manages and settling down any disputes. The purpose of the attorney when it comes to will, trust and estate is to help in exercising the area of the will, trust and estate planning. The only outcome comes with the interaction and this interaction comes with listening to the problems and difficulties with possible solutions to each of them so that new ideas and solution could be provided in order to plan for the needs. The planning part becomes strong for any company only when the will, trust and estate team up is set up. It is a good idea for companies to review their succession plans on a yearly basis. When something happens and the company needs to use their succession plan, it reassures the employees and shareholders that the company is prepared to carry on. With these in place, it ensures that business can continue without major disruption.

2. What are the three branches of government and their functions? How are powers balanced in the U.S. government? How does each branch of government make laws? Provide examples.

1.( The legislative branch) is made up of the two houses of Congress—the Senate and the House of Representatives. The most important duty of the legislative branch is to make laws. Laws are written, discussed and voted on in Congress....
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