Lavonne Williams

Topics: Money, Future, High school Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Lavonne Working Towards the Future
Lavonne Williams, a former worker for a Chicken Empire outlet in her neighborhood, has worked part time 20 hours a week while in school and 40 hours a week during summers. She knows the operation of the place inside out has brought good knowledge and has earned an opportunity to be promoted to a higher position as a station manager. Lavonne will be a sophomore in the coming semester; she intends to major in political science in one of her major courses. She met Professor Hamilton, an authority in the field of public housing who has also offered her a big opportunity that can also change her life, an internship in the city's Housing Authority. With two big offers Lavonne has no idea what her best decision she should take, from being promoted as a station manager or taking the internship for her feature career. Lavonne knows the operations of Chicken Empire inside and out, in addition to knowing how to prepare the food and serve the public she has worked with the manager on inventory control and ordering supplies. If she decides to take the station manager position she will receive $1,635 a month, before taxes a huge raise over the $7.50 an hour she now makes. As station manager, Lavonne will have to put in between 30 and 40 hours at the outlet and, another 5 to 10 hours a week at home. By taking this promotion it will ease Lavonne goal to buy a car, the car will make her life easier since she will have her own transportation. Even though the money will be great for Lavonne there is a down side if she decides to take the opportunity as a manager. Since Lavonne will have to dedicate more hours to work and less time on school. Lavonne will take a huge financial cut if she decides not to take the manager position. Becoming a sophomore in school, she intends to major in political science. Lavonne has aspirations of going into a government job, but her lack of knowledge will not allow her to see what her future career might take her....
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