Topics: Love, Detective fiction, Film editing Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The film Laura was an exciting dramatic tale of jealousy and love. Sometimes you just can’t help who falls in love with you, I just hope for your sake you love them back and don’t end up like Laura did. I thought this film was very fascinating even though the story has been told a million times; it was still very interesting to watch.

Regarding the mis en scene, the film takes place in the 1940’s. The costumes support that era. For instance, one of the main characters Det. McPherson wears a trench coat and fedora which was standard clothing for that era. I feel that the mis en scene was effective throughout this film. In the scene were Det. McPherson is talking with Bessie about how the bottle of scotch appeared in Laura’s apartment, he pours himself a drink and uses the prop seltzer bottle again reinforcing the time period they were in. Also, everyone was smoking all the time throughout the movie. This is another effective statement reinforcing the mis en scene.

The overall music in this film was appropriate for the time period in which it took place. The classical music that was played in various scenes supplied dramatic effects. In the scene were Det. McPherson is drinking alone in Laura’s apartment and having flashbacks of the previous discussions he once had concerning Laura, the music in the background is suspenseful and appropriate for the scene. The function of the music in this scene is to heighten the dramatic effect of the dialogue.

The overall editing in this film was satisfactory. In the scene where Det. McPherson is starting the interview process and is being introduced to Laura’s fiancé, the Detective is smoking a cigarette. As he is writing his notes the cigarette clearly moves from side to side in his mouth without being touched. The cigarette also does not change in size throughout the scene and the scene is long enough to where it should have changed somewhat. The parallel cuts used in this scene and close ups were the main editing...
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