Launch of an Amusement Park

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Entrepreneurship – Final Project

Business plan of Wonderland—Amusement park

Wonderland is a public limited company which is establishing an amusement park in Karachi. The company consists of 3 directors and 1 CEO. Wonderland is bringing the fastest and the tallest roller coaster in Asia. Wonderland consists of a theme park and a water park as well.

Amount to be financed = PKR 405,140,400

EntrepreneursContact Detail
Adil Sajid0321-2596543
Ahmed Farid0300-5947210
Ahsan Saeed0300-5912111
Kaleem Ullah Masood0333-3493312


11th of November 2009

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to submit our business plan on WONDERLAND which is the final project for our course of entrepreneurship in the BBA program of SZABIST.

From this project we came to know how businesses are established, what are the obstacles in starting a new business and how businesses can be made successful. We as a group have tried our level best effort to cover all the aspects required for this business plan and we hope that this report serves it purpose.


Adil SajidAhmed Farid

Kaleem Ullah MasoodAhsan Saeed


First of all we would like to thank ALLAH who gave us the ability to complete this report.

Secondly, we would like to express our gratitude to our course instructor Mr. Fahad Zuberi for educating and guiding us through out this semester. We would also like to thank the owner of Funland, Mr. Fazal Ellahi for his constant support through out this business plan

Finally we would like to thank our family and friends especially Muniba Hussain and Nabeel Ahmed for their immense help and support in this project as without them the completion of this report would not be possible.

Adil Sajid
Ahmed Farid
Kaleem Ullah Masood
Ahsan Saeed

The report is prepared to provide the reader about our company, including the necessary marketing, finance and human resources required in the business plan. It also includes business structure, company goals, projected growth, start-up as well as forecasted cost, investment and industry analysis. The report includes a thorough research (both primary and secondary) and shows every point that an investor will want to see before investing in our company. Focused on family entertainment in a family-oriented community, Wonderland primed to take advantage of an expanding and profitable industry. The reason we can be so sure of that is the increasing population growth, the need for a recreational activity, and many others that makes us more and more confidence towards our business. We do not have any prior knowledge or experience regarding this business; however we feel we can learn a lot without losing much because there isn’t any theme park here that caters everyone-all class, all income groups and all age groups. The company’s mission is clearly defined, the objectives are clear and we have decided the ways to finance and run the business and in any bad situation we will be prepared with an exit strategy.


Mr. Ahmed Farid, Mr. Adil Sajid, Mr. Kaleemullah Masood and Mr. Ahsan Saeed are the Directors of Wonderland (Pvt.) Ltd. They are the decision makers and risk takers for the company. They are also the heads of different departments. Adil Sajid: (Finance Head)

Ahmed Farid: (marketing head)-CEO
Ahsan Saeed: (Technical head)
Kaleemullah masood: (Human Resource head)

The Directors handle their own responsibilities; however, if any major decision is to be made, every Director’s opinion is shared and entertained.


1. Name and location of business: Wonderland located in Gadap town, Karachi.

2. The nature of the business: Entertainment based service industry.

3. The duties, powers and obligations of all the Directors/CEO: Ahmed Farid (Marketing Executive) Adil Sajid (Finance...
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