Laughter Yoga

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a possibility to rediscover the resource for healt and well-being which was lost between childhood and adulthood. It is a combination of breath-, extending- and stretching exercises based Yoga, which can be combined with pantomime and playful exercices.

“We don’t laugh because we are happy – we are happy because we laugh.” This sentence is attributed by the indian doctor Madan Kataria. He is considered to be the spititual father of Laughter Yoga- Animation. Wheter we pretnend as if we are laughing or if we laugh truly from our heart: it makes no difference to the pleasure centers in the brain . The positive effect of a smile drops if it is a faked smile.

An untraind person notices laughing muscles already after quater of an hour. Overstressing is set between the corners of the mouth and temples. There are even people who can feel sore belly muscles after an intensive Laughter-Yoga seminar.

“It took me half a year till i stopped feeling silly,” said a participant who completed her first Laughter Yoga seminar a few years ago. The spark jumped therby. With an inner sparkel she tells us that she feels better, self-confident and more powerful.

There are around 6000 laughter clubs in over 60 countries. To pursue their passion the laughter yogis meet regulary on the beach in California. Laughter coach Renate knows companies which regularly send their employee to Laughter Yoga to improve the atmosphere in their company. To make herself immun against abuse and anger, Renate uses her Laughter exercises also before meetings with unplesant dialogue partners. It works phenomenal, says the coach.

The unpleasant feeling to be a bit embarrassing is still after 2 hours not gone. However, we definite start to laught more unresisted – and many complain about painful facial muscle. A sign that shows us that we are still a littel out of practice with lauhing.
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