Laughter Sounds

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Laughter Sounds
Have you ever sat in a room and truly listened to people? Every person has a unique laugh. The ability to laugh is a characteristic that we use to show when we think something is funny or joyful. As we age, most people will come across many different types of laughter. There are three different types of laughter that can be classified as funny, scary, and annoying.

A funny laugh can be characterized into multiple categories. A person would experience uncontrollable laughter in a situation where someone is telling a joke or saying something really funny about something or someone. The most common funny laugh is the sound of a baby laughing. Different from an adult’s uncontrollable laugh, a baby’s laugh is more of a cute, consistent bubbly laugh. Though the laughter of a baby can make you smile and feel special, there are different types of laughter that can bring about different feelings. For instance, a hyperventilating laugh can sound funny but the name alone can also scare you. The hyperventilating laugh is where people start laughing and they have to stop to catch their breath, then start laughing again. Usually this laugh turns into a funny laugh.

Funny laughs can also turn into scary laughter. An example of a scary laugh would be a witch’s laugh; a screechy, high pitched laugh that would cause a person to become scared. In most children’s movies there is a villain has crackling evil, is up to no good, for this type of laugh, the sound that raises the hairs on your arms. Often the sound of a scary laugh can make the child cry. Scary laughs often resemble a demonic laugh.

A person who is possessed by a demon or ghost, has the creepiest laugh. This type of laugh usually would be heard in an uncomfortable situation. It can also be heard in a life or death situation. This type of demonic laugh can often be heard in horror movies. Usually you hear this when the scene is eerie and creepy. In comparing demon laughter to ghost laughter, the...
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