Laughter Is the Best Medicine for Our Lives

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Laughter is the best medicine



Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Laughter - A Loving Medicine We love to laugh and that's a fact. Laughter, especially in the company of others is without doubt one of life's most pleasurable activities. Laughter makes us feel good, relaxed and happy. Our friendships are measured by how we feel in each other's company and by how often we laugh. Good laughter is genuine because it is often sporadic. We like to laugh and we should do it far more often. Laughter it seems really is the best medicine. Genuine warm laughter is in a class of its own. We can laugh delicately or enjoy a full belly laugh. We can laugh until the tears are rolling down our cheeks. A face breaking into a smile is a genuine good message in anybody's language. Laughter breaks down walls and dissolves barriers. Traditionally we all know that it makes us feel good, but did you know that laughter can actually make us well and even improve our health? Very few of us go to the doctor because we laugh too much. As an expression of happiness or hilarity it is a sign that we are feeling good. What is the most difficult thing to do when we are down, feeling blue or just off colour? Who feels like laughing then? What is it that other people say to us in order to try and help' "Come on cheer up, let us have a smile at least, please!" Yet getting someone to laugh when they are depressed seems the most single difficult thing to do. Despite our best intention to remain glum however, break into a smile or inadvertently find something or someone funny and we have no choice. Our mood instantly lifts. Laughter, good will and happiness spills out of us, even if just for a few moments. It is medically proven that laughter effects positive changes in our minds and bodies. Psychologists, scientists and doctors have been sporadically attracted to the notion that laughter actually does make you feel better.
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