Laughter is best medicine

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‘‘Laughter is best medicine’’
A day without laughter is a day wasted CHAELE CHAPLIN
Good morning ladies and gentleman, today I am going to share about positive impacts of laughter. If you have a question please ask me at the end of presentation. My contents is make up by history of laughter, short term impacts of laughter And long term impacts of laughter.

Let’s move on to history part.
firstly, I want to share about origin word of laughter
Laughter came from greek ‘‘hele’’ and hele indicates health. It is very interesting, maybe ancestors recognised that laughter deeply related with health. Last four century we have been using laughter as a medicine. In Haven’t you laughed at all? Yes even I don’t laugh many times. According to one research, the average child laughs 300 to 500 times a day On the other hand adults usually laugh fifteen times for a day. It is huge gap between adults and babies so since we are adults most of us laugh fifteen times a day

hele-> health
United kingdom is deeply related with laughter

Overview of humor throughout history

14th Century French surgeon Henri de Mondeville used humor therapy to aid recovery from surgery. He wrote "Let the surgeon take care to regulate the whole regimen of the patient's life for joy and happiness allowing his relatives and special friends to cheer him and by having someone tell him jokes."

16th Century Robert Burton, an English parson and scholar used humor as a cure for melancholy.

16th Century Martin Luther used a form of humor therapy as part of pastoral counselling of depressed people. He advised them not to isolate themselves...
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