Laugh out loud

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Tatyanna Poloai
20 April 2014

The End Is Just Beginning
There are so many special characters in this story. However, Philip Malloy, Miss Narwin, and Allison Doresett are the highlights of this story. All though these three characters have little in common, they make a perfect trio in entertaining us throughout the novel. Back in 1992, Philip Malloy was a track-obsessed ninth-grader at Harrison High School. He was the average student who loved to run track. Throughout his ninth grade year, he had struggled with his English teacher, Miss Narwin. Towards the end of his ninth grade year, he decides to move schools because he felt guilty about Narwin resigning from Harrison High. Three years after, he graduated from Washington Academy with a track scholarship to the University of Oregon. Afterwards, he scored first place in the 800-meter run. That same night, he was offered a place in the Olympics and he became known as the fastest runner in track history. Ever since then, Philip Malloy’s life has been full of blessings and happiness. But, the one thing he’s been missing was his girl, Allison Doresett. He has spent years and years trying to find her but he had no luck. But he never gave up.

There she was, sitting reminiscing about how her life was twenty-two years ago. 22 years ago, Margaret Narwin was a passionate “loves her job” type of English teacher at Harrison High School. Though, her last year as a teacher wasn’t as pleasant as all the others, she truly misses teaching. Because of her vilification, she is asked to “take a break” from

teaching, reluctantly, she agreed. She then chose to resign and moved right here in good ol’ Florida. She has never been so stressed-free or happier in her entire life. The first 3 months after she moved to Florida were depressing for her. She missed her students, her classroom, and she even missed all the papers she used to grade. But as she was slowly getting the hang of the Florida...
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