Latinos in Media

Topics: Ricky Ricardo, Film, I Love Lucy Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: November 14, 2005
Reading Response on Latinos in the media.

"The Real McCoy's (Irving Pincus, 1957) had a Latino farm hand named Pepino. Some shows and movies portray John Leguizanio as a drug-dealing murderer. Never was a Latino cast in a show displaying good family life or decent person with a normal everyday life."

I notice that even though Latinos were cast in Hollywood, there is still stereotyping and discriminating going on. These Latinos who were cast to be in the movies or comic or drama weren't always shown to be well mannered. They are still shown to be drug dealers or murderers. It seems like no matter what the Latinos do to get to the entertainment business they are always going to be stereotyped. Even though the Latinos were cast in television, they didn't play a big role. They were always given small parts or they would appear only one time in every episode. Decades ago not that many of Latinos appeared on TV compared to the twenty-One century. One of the influences person was Ricky Ricardo from the sitcom I love Lucy. He was the main character as well as Lucy. His accent shows that he is Latino. He didn't appear on TV as much as Lucy but he influenced the ladino communities to come out more to the entertainment business. Many of the Latinos that appeared on movies were exposed as negative. One movie that shows positive is Dangerous Mind. In this movie the kids who were Latinos and Hispanic were going to bad school and are shown to be bad kids. They were disrespectful to their teachers and so the school didn't show interest in them. Instead they left them alone without teachers regarding that some of the student in that class wanted education. When the new teacher took over positive change start to take place. This kids who were perceived to be bad kids were no different then the other kids who went to a better school. They just needed someone to care enough to know what they come from. It relates to other reading we've considered in class because the book...
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