Topics: Hispanic and Latino Americans, United States, Mass media Pages: 2 (996 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Nick Lawrence
Dr. Gupta
12 April 2014
Latinos in American Media
In today’s media certain races or ethnicities play a common stereotypical role. The homosexual male is the girls’ best friend, the female Latinos are maids and their counterparts are gardeners and construction workers, and the Asian community is poked at for being so smart. American media thinks it is all fun and games, but in reality it hurts these ethnicities communities and their self-esteem. Latinos get poked fun at in just about every other mass media market, from being a broke maid to owning a lawn service to gang members and murderers. In this paper, I analyzed and show how Latinos do much more than the typical stereotypical role, and that the Latinos should be recognized for how much they have accomplished. In 1986, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) was established, and its main mission or goal was to provide a positive outlook on Hispanics/Latinos, and show how Latinos are portrayed as multidimensional people instead of all the negative stereotypes. The important key to NHMC is to prevent media bias against Latinos before the American Latino youth sees themselves in a negative way. It isn’t just the way Latinos are treated through the media; it is the fact that the media rarely has Latinos in mainstream media today (About Us). Over a couple years ago the NHMC along with the African American Community, Asian Pacific American, and the Native American community made a deal with the four major network televisions to diversify the workplace on the camera and behind the camera. Also, the NHMC has filed over fifty petitions with the FCC to deny radio and television station licenses nationwide on the matter that the Latinos are treated poorly in the employment ranks, and in the media (About Us). The NHMC has done a lot for the Latino community, making strides to help improve the ranks of the Latinos in the workplace and in the media. However, it is still common to see...
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