Latino Stereotypes

Topics: United States, Mexican American, Hispanic and Latino Americans Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Shawn Coleman 11/8/12

Latinos Stereotypes

In the media today, Latinos are represented more than they ever have been. Specifically, television has had a large increase in Latino actors. Furthermore, many Latinos now star in or have there own shows. This has had a great impact on the portrayal of Latinos, as more Americans learn more about Latinos and can see the inaccuracies of their stereotypes. Some shows, on the other hand, further effect the stereotypes of Latinos.  On TV today, there are three main shows that are based on Latinos and they are Lopez Tonight, Rob, and Modern Family.

In the late night comedy “Lopez Tonight” George Lopez is relying on ethnic stereotypes for his humor. For example Lopez Narrating various changes that were to take place in the United States, such as changing the name of a popular hardware store to Holmes Depot, and also the placement of landscaping as America’s national activity. This new modern way of comedy is hindering and misrepresenting Latinos all over the world. Lopez is using stereotypes against Latinos to get interactions with his audience. I believe this is not the correct way to entertain the public.

In the show Rob “Rob Schneider” marries a Mexican girl and must now deal with her seemingly conservative and traditional Mexican family. Some stereotypes that were portrayed in this new show is Rob tries to speak Spanish by adding a “o” to an English word, large family jokes, and also that Latinos have to do hard labor. These jokes and exploitations may just be funny humor to us but to others this is an unfair representation of who they are.

Sofia Vergara is one the most recognizable Hispanic actress working in English-language television today. She plays a huge role in many young Latinos lives today. In the show “Modern Family” Sofia Vergara portrays herself as a nosey Latino, that is controlling and makes the idea that maids are very important in the Latinas life, to name a few. This is obviously...
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