Latino Immigration

Topics: United States, Mexican American, Mexico Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: October 18, 2005
Early European settlers to the United States immigrated to establish a new nation free from the tyranny of monarch rulers in order to find new freedom on the continent of North America. These settlers came to establish a new society, on that was free from religious persecution, over taxation, and ruling kingdom that limited personal freedoms. These pilgrims soon to be known as Americans found the new opportunities that were not attainable to them in England, opputunities such as freedom, land, and resources. Throughout history, immigrants from every contry in the world have come to the United States to find these same opportunities. "While European immigration generally had a beginning and and end, Mexican immigration has been virtually continuous for the past century". The Mexican American social establishment in the United States has been rooted in the early history of this contry. Early and present day Mexican Americans have endured racisim and stereotyping amougst the whole Latino population in the United States. These issues have created gaps between Latinos and Mexican Americans with the social identification of one's national heritage. Moreover, Mexican Americans have always had to contend with the presens of unassimilated new comers as well as waves of anti-Mexican sentiment. Although Mexican-Amerians and Latinos represent the largest ethnic minority in the United States presently, these waves have anti-sentiment have lead to present day gaps in politics, the media, and education.

In the early history of the United States, most of the western region of the the country belong to Mexico. With the expansion of new settlers to the west and the idealogical believe of manifest desitany, the Untied States went to war with Mexico over political dominace and dispute over at annexation of Texas and the desire to acquire California from Mexico. As a result of the war Mexican-American war, "the United States take-over of the Mexican northern...
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