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Latin to English: Translations

By ncjasonfl Feb 05, 2015 293 Words
5.15 Pandora
Type your translation below each Latin paragraph. Then answer the question about Prometheus. Pandora

Forma feminae ab Vulcano* creabatur de terra. Ab Minerva ei (to her) vestes (clothes, nom. pl.) argenteae* donabantur. Etiam ei (to her) ab Vulcano corona aurea donabatur; Iuppiter ei (to her) ollam* donavit. Dei feminam pulchram amaverunt. Quod (Because) dei ei (to her) dona donaverunt, nomen (her name) erat Pandora. The form of the woman was created from earth by Vulcan. Clothes of silver were donated to her by Minerva. Also a golden crown was given to by Vulcan; Jupiter donated to her jar. The gods did love beautiful women. The gods did give to her a gift because, her name was Pandora

Pandora ad terram mittebatur. Sed Pandora erat curiosa*. Pandora operculum (lid, acc. sing.) ollae removit. Multa mala (evils, nom. pl) erant in olla! Mala (evils) ad terram volaverunt. Eheu! (Alas!) Una anima in olla mansit--Spes (hope, nom. sing). Hodie spes remanet cum hominibus (human beings, abl. plural).

Pandora was let go by the earth. But Pandora was curious. Pandora lid much evils were in the jar! Evils by earth did fly. Alas! One spirit in jar remained --- hope. Today hope remains with human beings.

*Vulcanus = Vulcan, Roman god of the forge
* Minerva = Minerva, Roman goddess of war
*olla, -ae, f. = jar
*argenteus, -a, -um = of silver
* similis is followed by the dative case (likened to...)
*curiosus, -a, -um = curious

Prometheus stole fire from the heavens to give to the humans to seek vengeance Zeus gave the first woman to Prometheus’s brother Epimetheus…. Other myths say that Prometheus was punished being chained to a rock for eternity with a buzzard to pick out his entrails over and over again because of Prometheus being immortal.

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