Latin America Uruguay Confectionery Industry Analysis

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Confectionery Industry Analysis of Latin America & Uruguay

Business Environment of Latin America
Analysis of the confectionery industry
Pieter de Kroon 0824542
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Executive summary2
Chapter 1: Global analysis confectionery industry4
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The major global players
1.3 Trends: Tastes, consumption & climate
1.4 Markets
1.5 Suppliers and Manufacturers
1.6 Innovation in the confectionery industry
1.7 Mergers & Acquisitions

Chapter 2: Macroeconomic Analysis of Latin America 11 2.1 Introduction
2.2 Purchasing power
2.3 Inflation in Latin America
2.4 Interest Rates
2.5 Taxes
2.6 Unemployment
2.7 Economic growth
2.8 Infrastructure
2.9 Exchange rates
2.10 Foreign Investments in Latin America

Chapter 3: Uruguay16
3.1 Introduction
3.2 PEST Analysis
3.3 Porter Five Forces
3.4 Competitor Analysis
3.5 Suppliers
3.6 Markets
3.7 Substitutes

Chapter 4: Latin America – Consumer Markets24
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Size of domestic markets
4.3 Purchasing power
4.4 Demographic shifts
4.5 Income distribution
4.6 Urban concentration
4.7 Dual income

Chapter 5: Marketing28
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market segmentation
5.3 Tastes & trends
5.4 Brands
5.5 Advertising & promotion
5.6 Place / Distribution
5.7 Consumer behaviour
5.8 Innovation

Chapter 6: Value chain possibilities34
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Uruguay as an important country
6.3 Uruguay as a manufacturing country
6.4 Distribution possibilities in Uruguay
6.5 Marketing & Sales in Uruguay
6.6 Customer service possibilities in Uruguay

Conclusions and Recommendations38
Appendix A 40
Appendix B42
Appendix C43
Appendix D44


In this report we will analyse the confectionery industry. We will start in the first chapter by painting an image of the global landscape of the industry and who the main players are, as well as the trends and recent developments. We will also look at the global supply chain and innovation trends. In the second chapter we will zoom in further on Latin America and Uruguay through a macroeconomic analysis of the region, with (if applicable) special emphasis on Uruguay. We will look at purchasing power, inflation, interest rates, taxes, unemployment, economic growth, infrastructure, exchange rate, fiscal policies and foreign investments in the region. We will then zoom in further on Uruguay in the third chapter. We will make a PEST analysis and look at the political, economic, social-cultural and technological status quo and trends in the country. We will also make a Porter 5 Forces-analysis, applied to the confectionery industry in the country. We will look at the main domestic and Latin American competitors. In the fourth chapter we will look at the elements that have an impact on the composition and landscape of the consumer markets in Latin America; such as urban concentration, income distribution and the size of the domestic markets. In the fifth chapter we will take a look at the marketing. We will give some advice and share our views on the most important marketing elements, tastes and trends and place and distribution. This has been applied to the case as far as possible. Finally we will take a look at the value chain of the confectionery industry and the possibilities and important factors of it within Uruguay. Some appendixes have been added for clarification of the report, but they have been addressed and mentioned in the related chapters and outlined in the index. The executive summary can be found at the beginning of the report.

Executive summary

The confectionery industry has been growing steadily over the last years. The five biggest global players global confectionery industry ranked according to size are: 1) Kraft Foods Co. 2) Mars Inc. 3) Nestlé SA...

Bibliography: Leatherhead Food International, Global Confectionery Markets – Trends & Innovations Report, 2006
2 David A
45 Uruguay Trade and Logistics: An Opportunity – report by World Bank, 2009
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