Late middle ages

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The late middle Ages saw the beginning of the “Rise of the West”. Between the years 900 and 1500 Europe experienced a commercial revolution. To me the most important and main changes were changes in society, religion and political views. With the cities growing and trade expanding, Europe’s exploration and colonization of the world began the path to modern growth in medieval Europe.

Beginning with the crusaders, Europeans rediscovered spices, silks, and pepper. This development created a new desire for trade. European nations through voyages of discovery were looking for new trade routes in the 15th and 16th centuries which allowed the Europeans to build new international trade. People began to produce more goods for sale rather than for their own use. This caused a rise in selling more products, bringing in more money to the Europeans. In the source Reginald of Durham: Life of St. Goderic [12th Cent] it states that “he growth of trade in the middle ages is of overwhelming significance. By the 13th century towns and trade, even though comprising a minority of the population, dominated the Western economy. All of this trade led to the rise of banks which developed new ways of raising and lending money. Before the fall of Rome there was no such thing as banks and official loans. Now that there’s a rise in profit due to trading banks are a must.

During the start of the commercial revolution churches began transforming. Instead of the Round arches, vaults, Massive walls, Towers and Piers thanks to Abbot Suger churches were now full of light, stained glass windows and high ceilings reaching up to heaven. Despite the beauty of the churches there was a lot of corruption in the church also. Because of the money coming in to the cities now many people became greedy and power hungry. Relics were being disrespected and money was being stolen from the church. The respect people had for churches changed during the beginning of the commercial revolution.

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