LaTasha Bishop SC250Unit9 Final Project

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Science Pages: 7 (1528 words) Published: March 2, 2015

LaTasha Bishop
Unit 9 Final Project
February 5, 2015
Ms. Roman

The people in the public do not understand what science is. They do not know that science is the most important component of the productive force that moves our society. Also they don’t that science is the most important component of all of our contemporary culture. If someone is has an attitude towards the world of science, then that one is not open to themselves and the world around them. But with their ignorance it makes them a part of the result that is covered by the media of science and the events as well as the scientists. Science is part of the world it is all around us and cannot be ignored.

A scientist is a “person who is trained in a science and whose job involves doing scientific research or solving scientific problems”(Merriam-Webster). When I hear the word scientist I think of everything. I think of the whole universe, the earth, and nature. It teaches us how everything comes together and how we are. The most famous scientist I think of would be Bill Nye the science guy, only because he made science fun to me as a child. Another scientist would be Dr. Bishop from a TV show called fringe. The three characteristics that stand out the most are that they both have a love of science, and they both are persistent in finding the answer to a question typical people would not think of. They are also risk takers when it comes to any and all types of experiments, whether it is with plants or somewhere out of space.

My image of a scientist has not really changed. I have always loved their look. To me they were the smartest people and I still think that way. The simple lab coats made them stand out and look important. They still wear the lab coats, glasses and are odd looking but some of the time. But I do see now that a scientist can look any way and it should not matter because they still get the work done. As children we see scientist as Caucasian males, or nerdy females that are in the lab all by themselves. They look eccentric. This stereotype is made by a lot of high school students all the way to adults. As I grew up I noticed that a scientist could look anyway he or she wants. I realized this from watching Bill Nye the science guy, Beckman’s World and even shows from today like Bones and CSI. The process of science is evolving as well as all of the knowledge and technology that goes with it. “Despite the persistence of a stereotype that is difficult to dislodge, most people believe that scientists lead rewarding professional and personal lives” (

Fictional scientists are usually a combination of both heroes and villains. Some say in order to be a hero you have to be the villain first. I think it is the opposite around. Scientist start out as heroes when the develop something amazing but lose control of it, or get greedy and want keep all of their inventions that will help others to themselves. Two Great examples are Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In Frankenstein he played both hero and villain. As he helped save lives he also saved it by healing those in need, which made him a hero. The villain part of him was stealing body parts from dead corpse to do all of his experiments, which in turned healed the living.

So many people called him a monster in regards to that but he was also a hero when you think of it. Although his motives seem to be in the right place at first, he wanted to create life to help people, which he did in a way. But after he creates the monster, his fear causes him to abandon his creation. In that since he is no hero because he doesn't do anything heroic, except when he try’s to get away to the icy north in the hope that the monster will follow him there and leave other people alone. In that act that show self-sacrifice which is kind of a heroic act. I think that he is still a coward. He should have taken responsibility...
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