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Topics: Strategy, Management, Success Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: November 17, 2014

1- what were the reasons for laura ashley intial success?
The strategy they are employing was good one and credits two factors for its success in bucking the downward trend amongst retailers: a focus on furniture and a move towards e-commerce. he key success factors of Laura Ashley up to 1985 are identified as high quality production, innovative designs, good brand management (the ‘Laura Ashley’ name was and is strong), well placing of stores, creation of good atmospheres in stores, general design and creative competencies, staff training, creation of a vertically integrated structure and operation within a simplistic organisational structure in general.

2- to what extent has laura ashley theory of the business failed to keep pace with changes in enviroment? A problem with Laura Ashley holdings was its inability to maintain its financial performance. Another weakness of the company is it seems to have the wrong kind of leaders since after Laura Ashley’s death it keeps changing the management.  The company Laura Ashley had a rich history and had grown to be a company which reaches various countries aside from UK but unlike its competitor Marks and Spencer it was not able to achieve much success. The company had a tumultuous performance since it had ups and down due to mismanaged strategies and the sudden changes in leadership. c

3- how would you charactrize laura ashly current strategy?
The company’s strategic capability is high, it can survive the competitive environment .Retailers work very hard to keep their image favorable in the mind of the consumer; although the formation of an image incorporates many more components than purely physical ones, the store and its environment plays a big part in the formation and maintenance of a corporate image. .As a retailer opens more and more outlets in an increasingly diversified set of locations, it would seem logical to tailor the product range to the needs of the population. However, one of the attractions of...
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