Last of the Mohicans Two Heroes

Topics: Hero, Wyandot, James Fenimore Cooper Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: November 6, 2006
A multitude of definitions can be attached to the term "hero" as a definition. One of the definitions of this word is someone distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength. In the book The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper, there are several characters who emulate the traits of a hero. Both Nathaniel, and Col. Edmund Munro the qualities of a hero, strength, nobility, and courage.

Throughout the novel, Nathaniel displays his many heroic qualities. When the British soldiers are walkign through the forest, on their way to the fort, and are ambushed by the Huron war party, he galiantly saves both Cora, and her sister Alice, and a few of the British soldiers, including Major Duncan Heyward, this alone shows Nathaniel's courage and strength. He then displays nobility, and leadership, when he leads this group of people onward to the British fort, where they are battling the French. Then, later, Cora and Alice are captured by the Hurons, lead by Magua, and taken back to their settlement. This presents the opportunity for Nathaniel to yet again, display his heroism, by not only leading his small party of companions to the Huron settlement by reading the environment, but also, when he gets there, rescues Cora, from almost certain death. Nathaniel may have shown many qualities of a hero, but he is not the only hero in the tale.

Along with Nathaniel's heroism, goes Col. Edmund Munro's heroism. Munro, at first, appears to be an atagonistm going against the protagonist, Nathaniel, and his actions, until later. Col. Munro, and his soldiers, were clearly losing the battle, and Col. Munro, swallowed his pride, and surrendered to the French force, saving the lives of countless men. This showed Munro's compassion, courage, and nobility when he saved the lives of all the soldiers. Along with this, he negotiated the terms of the surrender, and ensured his wounded soldiers would be cared for by the French medics. Munro is yet another...
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