Last Name Mother or Father

Topics: Mother, Family, Married and maiden names Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: December 5, 2013
In most western cultures the father’s last name is used for specific identification within families. Since people can remember the fathers last name or surnames has been a common practice used for family unity and tradition, however we are seen a greater percentage of children fatherless than ever before. I believe that women should have the choice to either use their husbands name or uphold their maiden name especially in regards to the children she is going to raise. Have we just accepted this never ending trend of using surnames and never thought that perhaps women do have a choice and shouldn’t feel obligated to take on a new name. Mothers shoudmake this decision because they are the ones often left to raise the child, for the childs protection, We have seen an increase in fatherless children, leaving the mother as a single mother. Some say the common practice of using the father’s last name has much to do with family unity, its mind boggling when there’s no father and the mother and child have two different last names this is somehow supposed to be perceived as some form of family unity. Mothers should have the choice of keeping their maiden name to keep the family unified, instead of having a child wonder who their last name belongs to. This will leave fewer questions in the child’s mind and more sense of belonging knowing that their last name is that of their guardian not a stranger. I believe carrying on a fathers last name is not a given right to the father when they are nothing more than a sperm donor, instead a privilege when they are there helping to provide for the child.

Second, the child shouldn’t bear a strangers last name for their own protection. By the time they realize they have their mothers last name they will be old enough to realize why their mother made that decision. Many say this will confuse things in school, I believe it’s more confusing when a child is bringing home signed papers, or is pulled out of class by a mother with a...
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