Laser Tattoo Removal

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Informative Speech: Laser Tattoo Removal

Audience Assessment:
Specific Goal: My audience will understand the history of tattoo removal as well as how modern day laser tattoo removal works and the best candidate for laser tattoo removal. Topic: Strategy: Explanation.

Narrowed: (1) History of tattoo removal; (2) How laser tattoo removal works; (3) Laser tattoo removal results

Ethos: Primary: I am an Aesthetician and work for Dr. Mark Taylor. Tattoo removal is one of the most common laser treatments we perform on a daily basis at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute.
Secondary: I cite multiple references plus photos and a video of the procedure being done (if time allows).

Audience Assessment: A selection of my audience most likely has had a tattoo or known someone with a tattoo that they no longer want. I will further educate my audience on the tattoo removal process and who the best candidate for the procedure is. Adaptation to Audience: Many audience members either have tattoos or have considered getting a tattoo, but what they aren’t aware of is the process of getting a tattoo removed. I will be using pictures as well as information from the dermatologist I work with to educate the audience of what they can expect from the tattoo removal process. Opening Strategy (hook): Informative

Key Word Outline:

Laser Tattoo Removal


Hook:It may have seemed like a good idea initially, but years, months or even maybe only a few hours later the regret is settling in and you are asking yourself “what was I thinking, getting a tattoo?” Maybe it’s the placement you are unhappy with, or possible the color or image, whatever it may be causing you to rethink your “brilliant” idea, you aren’t alone. According to WebMD it is estimated that close to 10% of the U.S. population has some sort of tattoo, and eventually as many as 50% of them want it removed. Lucky for that 50% of people, with the new laser tattoo removal techniques, doctors are able to help people of all ages rid themselves of something that they no longer want on their bodies. I will now explain the history, process and side effects and results of laser tattoo removal.

Thesis: Most of us know the process of getting a tattoo, but what we aren’t as familiar with is the process of getting a tattoo removed. I will explain the history, process and side effects and results of laser tattoo removal.


• How tattoos were removed before laser tattoo removal was invented

• How does laser tattoo removal work

• What are the side effects and results of tattoo removal

Transition: To explore the long history of tattoo removal, I spoke with dermatologist Dr. Mark Taylor at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute.

I. Dr. Mark Taylor says that tattoo removal dates back to ancient Egyptian times; however in modern society, up until the last decade, tattoo removal was often painful and left unsightly scarring. A. The following tattoo removal processes took place before laser tattoo removal came around.

1. Cutting out the skin containing the tattoo ink- which sometimes is still done if the tattoo can not be treated with the laser.

2. Dermabrasion & Salabrasion- sanding/sanding & salting of the skin- Historically this is the most common way to remove a tattoo. The idea being to traumatize the skin and then applying irritants to draw out the tattoo ink.- A rapidly spinning diamond fraise wheel or a wire brush

3. Laser vaporization-burning out the skin

4. Chemical peels

B. Side affects of tattoo removal without a laser

1. Dermabrasion has a high risk of scarring and loss of normal skin pigment- Severely painful

2. Risk of infection

3. All methods are very painful

Transition: Now let’s explore laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal was initially performed with continuous wave length when it was first...

References: “Laser Tattoo Removal.” WebMD. 12 June 2012.
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