Las Dos Caras Del Patroncito/ Chicano Literature

Topics: Migrant worker, United Farm Workers, Mexican American Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Las Dos Caras Del Patroncito

This is a role play that is about a caught between two different worlds, the two faces of the boss between a Mexican farm worker. This play takes place in 1965, in the grape strike in Delano, California. In front of thousands of farmworkers and it’s been dramatized immediate for the intense feelings of its audience. Las dos caras del Patroncito play is short, but to the point, moralistic, intending to express the anger of the workers and how this motivate them to join the union. Also satirize the growers and reveal their injustice. Luis Valdez the writer of this play is a young drama graduate in 1965, that decide to join the United Farm worker Organizing Committee by Cesar Chaves. His vision was guide to a political and artistic way. He creates popular theater that supports the organization activities on the striking farm workers. According to the reading Las dos caras del Patroncito it about a Mexican farm worker that had been brought from Mexico to work in the grape field. His Patroncito is two faces. That always talk to his farm worker Esquirol about how much he love Mexican people , how bless they were to have that work, and how they were so lucky because they don’t have pay taxes .Also how the Patroncito laments his own riches as a burden, revealing that sometimes he would like to be a Mexican, without worries. Esquirol in the other side always listen to his boss everything he tell him, knowing that he is poor and need that job to survive and how lucky is the boss for everything he had. On the other side, the Patroncito always try to make the Mexicans look better that himself but at the same time he was trying to be more that them. Like when he tells Esquirol everything he owned and how rich he was. Every time the boss enter to the fields he always wear a yellow pig mask and making the roaring sound of the motor of a limousine, like he was driving an imaginary one. The Patroncito always try to make a good conversation...
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