large families vs small families

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Large versus Small Families

Differences between Large and Small Families

According to website, having a big family can be a disadvantage due to the fact that you may not get have the attention you want because there are so many people in one family, but you always have someone around. Having a small family you have no one around but you get all the attention in the world. Understanding that a family is the most important component for society worldwide, children can experience different difficulties when growing up that will affect their personalities and abilities to make them who they are later on their adulthood. Some individuals maintain that large families who have more than two children offer more rewards that are missing among smaller families who only have one or two children, whereas others claim that the advantages of a small family outweigh the benefits of a large one. Now that we comprehend the significance of a family, there are some differences between large and small families, like financial challenges, social integration, and parenting interaction are factors to be considered when deciding to have a large family or a smaller family.

One difference is the cost. To illustrate, small families require less money all around when giving their children a sense of economic stability for their performances. In contrast, the financial challenge for large families is considerable. Large families seem to struggle to provide their children a variety of opportunities affording after school activities, sports, languages, music, clothes, and toys. Despite the economic limitations of the large family, some parents decide to ignore this challenge due to their satisfaction of raising children who can play with each other, participate in outdoors activities, while stimulating the sense of benefits for the whole group. For example, going on vacations could be easier for a smaller family who can share a hotel room, and food. They can spend less...
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