Laptop Industry

Pages: 9 (2347 words) Published: October 5, 2009
Table of Contents

Introduction page 2

Industry pages 3 - 5
➢ Geographical scope

➢ Sales and sales growth

➢ Market segment

Customers pages 5-7
➢ Target customers

➢ Demographics

➢ Needs satisfied

Competition pages 7- 9
➢ Total number of competitors

➢ Market share (of the 5 major competitors)

➢ Identification and analysis of the main competitors

➢ Comparative analysis/Conclusion


During the 20th century, technological innovation has led to the development of many innovative new products. The market in interest, laptop market, has moved with rapid, huge leaps and has become one of the most profitable industries worldwide. Targeting in a huge market, the companies competing into the industry, are trying to create products in order to maintain innovative competitive advantages and face competition. That fact leads to more innovative and technologically advanced products, with a pricing range that satisfies customer’s needs and different income levels. From high-end solutions such as laptops that can be used as desktop replacements, to the $100 laptop, the competing companies are trying to cover a wide range of consumer target markets by satisfying their needs in relevance to their disposable income; thus covering the needs of people ranging from a high school student to a businessman.

In this paper we will present an analysis of the laptop industry by exploiting market data obtained from the laptop industry and competition. More specifically, one of the competing companies we will evaluate ACER, will be analyzed from the scope of past sales growth, geographical segmentation as well as the company’s target market. Moreover, the customer target market of the company will be studied in terms of customer demographics, and target market segment that each of the competitors as well as the company focuses on. Our final analysis will include customer needs and preferences on the laptop product industry.

In addition, we will deal with the characteristics of the competition, in terms of the identification of the competing companies in the industry with respect to their number and their market share, their target market and their product characteristics. Finally, different competitors will be analyzed and compared with the company in discussion, in terms of quality, financial capacity and brand recognition.

Laptop Industry
The laptop industry is a vast growing industry with a number of competitors that strive to obtain a position in the market; by utilizing the vast technological innovations, which constantly occur. The competitors are creating products in an effort to attract more customers and generate sales. By being a part of a competitive market, the companies try to obtain a market share that will enable them to attain a part of the profits, this vast and rapidly developing market generates. Due to the fact that the customer segment, to which all of the competing companies are targeting, is very big, the competitors always try to maintain a distinctive characteristic, in order to create a competitive advantage that will be synonymous to their product offering and brand image, thus enhancing their brand loyalty.

Geographical scope
The geographical scope targeted by the laptop industry, is a global one. All of the competing companies are large global entities that generate profits across the world, by selling their products to a specific target market segment.

As observed, the industry as a whole has the tendency to move in similar ways across the world; although due to several, relatively minor variations of culture and financial status, there are differences on the consumers’ preferences. Due to the broad product differentiation in terms of features, pricing and demographics, the companies have separated their targeted geographical scope into the US market, the...
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