Laptop and Textbooks

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Markell Johnson
Mrs. Berry
Persuasive Speech
Laptops and Textbooks
Purpose: to persuade my audience why we should use laptops over textbooks. Central idea: Laptops are a better learning method than textbooks. Introduction: Does anyone remember getting a brand new laptop for Christmas. It’s an exciting and amazing feeling. But I bet this sounds even better instead of getting a laptop for Christmas how about getting a brand spanking new math textbook. Let’s be honesty the textbook is one of the most boring instrument of learning methods. The textbook is limited with sources and it only covers one subject. While the laptop is more portable and has unlimited sources and you can download every subject you need. I want persuade you to use laptops over boring textbooks. I. Textbooks and your wallets

A. 1. An average textbook cost $60.00 to $125.00. I’ve read on the Democratic and Chronicle website “Eight months into this school year, nearly 20,000 new or gently used textbooks valued at more than $445,000 — equivalent to about a sixth of the $2.7 million the district spent on books last year.

2. Textbooks are paid with from taxes from workers in the state. Majority of our parents pay for them with their taxes. In high school if you lost the book you have to pay for it. That’s weird because didn’t our parents pay for them same books? They get extra money and most of the schools pocket the money to add to non-educational purposes.

B. 1. New Jersey 101.5 website says that “The average student at a public or private four year college spent roughly $1,000 on textbooks and course materials last year a three percent increase from 2012.

2. College student spend so much money on books it’s ridiculous. Just imagine if we did not have to buy books how much money would be in our pockets. Nearly $500.00 to $1250.000. I know to a normal college student that would be great and very useful.

II. How the...
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