Topics: Laptop, Personal computer, Desktop computer Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Ngan Tran
Professor: Suzanne Woodward

Portable computers (laptops/notebooks) were invented to fulfill the demand of professionals for the ability to work without being in front of one’s desk. They have increased their presence in places that people could not have imagined just a few decades ago such as private homes, cafeterias, restaurants, and airport. They have been popular in college campuses for a while now without being criticized too much by professors. Ian Ayres, a professor at Yale University in New Haven finally was fed up with them and wrote an article named “Lectures vs. Laptops” and sharply criticized the rampant use of laptops in his classes. He argued that the abusive use of laptops in classrooms not only has negative effects to the users themselves but also to the surrounding students. While his arguments are true, I respectfully disagree with his view regarding laptop use in college classes. Firstly, he claims that using laptop easily leads students to not pay enough attention in their classes. They will do different things rather than listen to the instructor. However, I think it is not completely true. The use of laptops in class is necessary because they are college students. They have many things that they have to remember, and using laptop to take note is very convenient and much faster than handwriting. Besides, students can type up assignments, share notes, and work in groups on their projects. For students having two or three classes a day, they might lose their worksheets or easily forget about assignments. Therefore, if they utilize laptops, they can save and find those very easily, and fast, when needed.

Secondly, some people think that using laptop will reduce the interaction between students and professors. However, I think using laptop is helpful. For example, professors can challenge students to find answer for a topic related to the previous lessons via using laptops. It will help students be more interested in...
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