Lao Tzu's Principles and Beliefs in Tao-te-Ching

Topics: Chinese philosophy, Thought, Taoism Pages: 4 (868 words) Published: March 31, 2015
Ghayoor Mulk
Instructor Mrs. Wilkinson
English 101
29 September 2014
Enlightenments from the Tao - Te - Ching
In Lao - Tzu essay, “thoughts from the Toe-te- Ching ", which seems more likely to be a poetry, attributes its teachings and principle to the belief system of Taoism. According to the text, the word Taoism cannot be easily understood or translated. It has many different meanings, in one sense it means “the way” but also it means “the method “as in the way to enlightenment or the way to live. Lao -Tzu an ancient Chinese philosopher offered a basis for Taoism. However Tao - Te - Ching is a philosophical document as much about a good government, a wise leader and it is also about a moral behavior.

“Thoughts from Tao - te - Ching " Lao - Tzu, adopts a liberal approach and put forward some principle and his opinions on the basis of his beliefs regarding a good government and a wise leader. Basically his principles and beliefs talks about a moral behavior and restrictions on a leader or the state authority. Lao- Tzu's ideas and principles may not be acceptable or reasonable in our modern time.

First, I want to discuss the limitation Lao- Tzu wanted to put on a leader or the state authority. He writes, " that a leader should stop trying to control / let go fixed plan and concept, / and the world will govern itself ". According to Lao- Tzu a wise leader shouldn't interfere in people's businesses, and let every things go on their own. He is trying to minimize the power of a leader. To get his readers attention and to make his point notable, he is using a classical approach by giving his opinion and credibility. To follow the footsteps and principles of Lao - Tzu could have been possible in the time he lived, but it would be unacceptable and reasonable in our time, because most of our leaders get their power from the people through voting and election. We cannot imagine when our country is being attacked and the president does nothing. To minimize...
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