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In any language, different styles are appropriate in different situations: written x spoken
formal - - - informal
technical language (jargon) - - - slang

Principles of English written style:
Choose the suitable completions of the sentence:
The more formal the language is,
1. the more it will use inanimate nouns as subjects of a sentence. 2. the more it will use verb structures (where choice is possible) 3. the less it will use passive structures
4. the more it is likely to use passive structures
5. the more words of Latin origin it will use
6. the more words of Germanic origin it will use (phrasal verbs) 7. the more it will use humans as subjects of sentences.
8. the more verbal nouns it will use
9. the more it will use contracted verb forms
10. the more noun compounds (noun phrases) it will use
11. the more complex sentences it will use
12. the larger number of participial and infinitive constructions it will use

Here are some examples; in each case, the same idea is expressed using three different levels of formality: look at the different changes that occur, as we move from a formal style to an informal one.

1. The inclement climatic conditions obliged the President to return earlier than scheduled. The President was obliged to return earlier than planned due to poor weather conditions. The president had to go back sooner than he´d planned because the weather was so bad.

2. Please await instructions before dispatching items.
Please wait for insturctions before sending items off.
Don´t send anything off until you´re told to do so.

3. Essential measures should be undertaken at the earliest opportunity. One should undertake any necessary mesures at the earliest opportunity. You should do whatever you have to as soon as you can.

4. Prior to the discovery of America, potatoes were not consumed in Europe. Before America was discovered, potatoes were not eaten in Europe. Before they...
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