Language, Nonverbal Codes, and Cultural Space in the film, I Am Sam

Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Running head: Language, Non-verbal Codes, and Cultural Space


I am Sam is an emotionally charged movie about a mentally disabled father that does his best to raise his daughter that was abandoned by her mother at birth. There is a large cast of characters that contribute to the movie and all of them communicate in different ways. Cultural differences and communication styles will be explored further. The focus of the movie is the bond between Sam and his daughter Lucy. Almost from the beginning there is a common bond between the two based on the mental capacity they both share. Once Lucy is old enough to formulate her own thoughts the small communication gap they once had was dissolved. They both had similar thoughts and exhibited a mostly high context communication style throughout the movie. Having so much in common and being around each other contributed to the many verbal and nonverbal cues they used to communicate. Many times Sam would revert back to Beatles trivia to answer question asked of him. Since he didn’t have the mental capacity to generate meaningful “adult” talk, this is how he chose to communicate with intellectually superior people. Sam had a few friends that were all disabled in their own ways and it was obvious to see that they all had their own ways to communicate when speaking about how to raise Lucy but they all knew what each other was saying even if it wasn’t obvious. There were many other types of communication I observed in the movie. As cold and calculated as Sam’s lawyer Rita was, Sam and her actually developed a strong bond as they both helped each other out with their issues. Randy, who became Lucy’s foster parent also developed a close bond with Sam. There were several scenes in the movie that were emotionally charged and displayed many forms of communication but the most observable form was love.
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