Language in America

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Yogi Patel
ENGL 1301.032
Professor Blakemore
November 27, 2012
American Language
The universal country of America is the globe’s salad bowl. America is known for its diversity. The country should not be restricted to only English and Spanish when there are thousands of other languages being used all around the world. People in America are expected to speak English, but by having multiple languages, such as English and Spanish, forces those Americans to involuntarily have to learn Spanish. It isn’t fair for Americans having to learn Spanish, when the common language in America is English. English should be the official language of the United States of America because of its unity, educational purposes and social status.
If English became the primary language of America, it would create unity among the country 's diverse population. Many of the immigrants who came to America speaking different languages had to learn English in order to be considered an “American”. An American is basically a fancy word for a person residing in America. Most Americans that are born in the U.S., however, do speak English fluently. Some Americans are immigrants that have to learn English. English is the common language in America that brings people of all kinds together.
About 3.7 million children in U.S. public schools cannot speak English proficiently, and the number is growing fast in many states. English entanglement belongs in United States public schools. “Since 1968, public schools have taught most Hispanic students in bilingual programs to emphasize their native language and delay their entry into conventional classrooms for five to seven years. For many years, children with limited English skills were forced to "sink or swim" in public schools, with no special help. Troubled by the high dropout rates among these students, and in keeping with the civil rights movement, the U.S. Congress passed the Bilingual Education Act in 1968, to give the students an equal opportunity

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