Language & Human Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Paralanguage Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 2, 2010
Of all human skills, language is one of the most valuable because it allows us to communicate with one another. Human communication is important to society, enabling business and interpersonal relationships, as well as teaching and learning. Language is also important because it allows people to create new words for a changing society, like "Internet," according to Palomar College. About Language

1. Languages are, essentially, systems of symbols that have meaning. Language is a means of human communication, whether it be expressed verbally, it writing or through sign language. All languages have a system of rules and meanings and can express an infinite number of ideas or meanings within that system. Human Language Development

2. Language is a part of human development, beginning its development in early childhood. Human language begins with what is called "babbling," when infants make repetitive sounds like "mah mah" and "dah dah" that mark the beginning of speech development. Language is an important part of intellectual development and the development of communication skills.

Communication, in turn, is vital to human language development. According to Palomar College, studies show that parents can help infants develop language skills by communicating with them often using and encouraging appropriate language rules. As the child's language skills continue to develop, he may begin to use language, albeit incorrectly. Gently correcting the child's speech can help her improve. If a child says, "I seen it," for instance, correct by saying something like, "Yes, that's good, you saw it. I saw it, too," thus illustrating the appropriate form of the verb "to see." Communication and Language

3. Even though language is standardized, the interpreted meaning of the words that being communicated is influenced by a variety of factors about the situation. The way something is phrased, the tone in which it is said and the volume all matter. These...
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